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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

No Wiggle

Sept. 5th
5:00 hours
Report submitted by LT. Brisbane
HMS DD Craysforth

Interrogated French fishing vessel off Dunkirk.
Crew of three.
Two French and one Italian male.
35 foot trawler.
2 days out with a quarter of their hold full of their catch.

The Captain reported the following:

We were 10 miles from shore on a nice sunny day. The Channel was calm and we were on the lookout for sea birds hoping they would guide us to our prize. The wind was from the English and was about 5 knots. We could see forever. Pretty rare for September ... no?

We were keeping our eyes on a flock of gulls that were on were on the surface hoping that they would take flight and guide us to a catch. Fish are hard to find in the Channel this time of year but with the food shortage we can get good money for our catch even if it is small. It is definitely worth the risk of a sudden storm. Such is the life of a fisherman no?

All of a sudden the birds took off like something had startled them. They were flying in every direction with no organization. I have never seen this before except in warmer waters when a shark passes by. The time for big fish in the Channel was over so we were very curious. Curiosity killed the cat eh? We moved closer to investigate. I did not see the thing but Mario did. Tell them what you saw Mario.

Of course Capitan. It was a shaped likeada whale. A little darker than the water, it was. It did not have a tail anda glided pass and underneathada boat without a ripple. It was just abouta the size of our boat and was going at about 4 knots but again without any wake or ripples. It looka to be going deeper as it passed almost underneath our boat.   It wasa pregnant whale because it was fatter then the whales I have seen off da Spain. The really strange thing to me sirs, was that it did notta ... how you say... swish back and forth. It did notta wiggle and I could notta see a tail of any akind.

When pressed for more information none of the crew could add any more details of the event. They were rewarded and sent on their way.

Filed at 0623 hours.

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