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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, October 22, 2011


What’s going on in there?

You know that guy that wrote that economics book that made it into Readers Digest and then the Condensed version? The one named “Road to Serfdom”? You know the one that got all the attention a while ago arguing against that English guy? You know the one that Roosevelt liked…Keys or Keynes … something like that. Well this guy is named Hayek and argues almost directly the opposite."

“What do you mean?”

“ Well from what I can make of it the Keynes guy says the government has a big role to play when the economy goes in the tank like what happened in 1928. Things stayed pretty bad until FDR started putting government money into all the parks, damns, roads and stuff you know the Public works programs and CCC.”

“Yeh I was in one of those. We had some good times. We worked in Tennessee and made some money that we could send home. It sure kept our family from starving and I learned some good skills that …”

“OK I get it I was in the CCC myself. So this Keynes guy’s approach has been taken to the extreme by the new guy in England. You know that Atlee guy. He wants to have the government take over the mines, phone system, trains…just about everything. In fact I think I read that they had already done it to the Bank of England.”

“You mean the government is running the banks? Wow I bet that doesn’t sit too well with those Wall Street types.”

“Now you’re getting it. The guy talking to Truman has some henchmen in there with him. Some little guy named Freeman or Friedman and enough southern Senators to choke a horse. Their all beating up on this Keys guys ideas and trying to convince Truman not to give the Brits anymore money until they change their ways.”

“The hell you say! The Reds are breathing down their neck. How can we abandon them now for Christ sake? We just fought side by side with them. Hell a Limey saved my ass in those hedges. Dashed out from under cover and hauled me back to safety.”

“Well I guess what those guys in there are pitching is that there is no way the Reds are going to get across the channel. The Brits still have a hell of a navy and we can help them out in that area too. So all the commies can do is to attack them from the air. Nothing they haven’t seen before. Last time they did OK without us so maybe this time is the same? In the meantime this Atlee guy gets all the blame and they vote him out and get someone more to our liking with promises from us that we will lend them money again as soon as they reverse their nationalization program and change over to what this Freidman guy is talking about where the government just plays around with the money supply and the Wall Street types take care of the rest.”

“Well call me a monkey’s uncle if that don’t sound like blackmail and pretty underhanded to let all those people die so the bankers can get what they want. FDR’s and this Keynes guy’s way worked pretty good for us why won’t it work for them?”

“It does sound kind of nasty and cruel but from what they were saying in the hallway before they went in was that “a little pain now will stop a whole lot of pain later”. I say tell that to the dead kids after the Reds clean their clock. The little guy even had a name for it “shock therapy” he kept saying. You know like when they got you in the loony bin and they hook you up to electricity and shock the crap out of you? It’s supposed to rewire your brain or something”

“Sounds pretty drastic to me.”

“Hopefully for the Brits Truman throws them out, but in the meantime the Senators are holding up any more money going to England. Even if the money starts flowing tomorrow they’ve been staling for 3 months and the Reds are going to attack soon. How many factories are going to be able to reconvert in Britain that fast to make any difference? How many workers are going to work for free when they are rationing bread? I think they’ve run out of time and have to fight with what they got on hand.”

“God help them is all I can say.”

“Amen to that.”

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