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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Even Monsters Dream

The dacha was eerily silent. Everyone knew he was trying to sleep. It was early morning and as usual he couldn’t sleep. Even at this hour he was rarely along. At his insistence he was always surrounded by people. For whatever reason he was not anxious nor even afraid to be unattended for now. He was comfortable and laying in bed recovering from another bout of sickness. He was alone with his thoughts.

He was never one of self examination but attacking Europe and starting World War Three did tend to get one thinking and possibly questioning his decisions. Despite all the fools around him filling him with information they suspected he wanted to hear, he realized that his great army was in need of rest and recuperation. Maybe he should have waited a few more years to attack and rid Europe of capitalism. Yet how much more time did he have personally?

When that strange little man came into his life he knew this would be the time to strike. Combined with the massive demobilization of the US and Britain, his own army taking up resources and Sergo’s promised anti missile system, the time was ripe to strike.

Now that the US had foolishly let both the atomic bomb and the B29 bomber fall into his lap it seemed that all logic pointed towards fulfilling his dreams before it was too late. The fact that the US had very few atomic bombs and his spies had sabotaged their production facilities just added to his reasoning.

Yet the looming drought and lack of food combined with the starving masses in Europe would force some hard decisions on who would live and die. He was used to such decisions and did not shy from making them. By the time the Americans are able to even try to subjugate Europe once more, his predecessors will have the atomic bomb, the TU4 bomber and the greatest army the world has ever seen. They will never even try.

In a few years the soviet system will out produce their meager attempts. New oil, aluminum ore and other strategic materials are being discovered every day within his greater Soviet Union. The entire world will see the advantages of Communism even without more conquests or invasions. The Capitalists will be defeated as their own peoples rise in revolt.

As long as Sergo and the others kept advancing their scientific knowledge regarding air defense there will soon be no possibility of the Americans attacking the motherland. They are too cowardly to fight man to man with the Red Army. Their only way to defeat us is to use the coward’s way. They will try and bomb us and we will keep shooting their planes from the sky. No as long as we can stay focused and defend our skies time is our ally.

In twelve months there will no longer need subterfuge to defeat the enemy’s bombers. There will be enough missiles to ring all major strategic targets. His new jets will be the equal to anything the US can produce. Combined with Sergo’s missiles they would be safe from assault from the air. MiG has promised a new model that will sweep the skies and soon he will have missiles that will be able to reach America. They would not dare attack then.

Eventually he would have the atomic bomb and the means to deliver it but even that may not be needed.

For the most part the army had done its job. As soon as Spain was conquered he too could demobilize the ground forces and concentrate on the air force and possibly the navy. These would be the future weapons to keep the capitalists at bay until their ultimate defeat by their own peoples.

Time is on our side. Soon the world will see the superiority of the soviet system and the teachings of Marx. Britain should join us soon after it becomes apparent the corrupt capitalist system cannot even feed them.

He had made the right decision and the time was ripe for conquest. History will prove him justified and he will go down in history as the savior of mankind.

With those thoughts swirling in his mind he drifted off into a chemically induced sleep.

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