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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Far East Theater in WWIII 1946 by RangerElite

Filling the MacArthur void:

12 June 1946

Proposal to the President of the United States
Regarding the Far East Theater
--President's Eyes Only--

Due to the untimely loss of General of the Army Douglas A. MacArthur, there is a void in leadership in the Far East that must be filled. The Office of the Chief of Staff to the Commander in Chief
U.S. Department of War have had candidates under consideration, for just such an occasion. For the position of Supreme Commander, Allied Powers, based in Japan,OCSCC recommends former 6th U.S. Army Commanding General, General Walter Krueger, for promotion to General of the Army, to assume the position of SCAP and CICUSAFFE (Commander-In-Chief, U.S. Armed Forces, Far East). His exemplary service and keen strategic mind will be invaluable in this position.

During demobilization, the assets (the 6th and 8th Armies) that Krueger will need, had been reduced to divisional-strength, and dispersed (6th Army was sent to the Presidio, in San Francisco, while the 8th was being maintained as the occupation force in Japan, with 1st Marine Division deployed to China). All efforts are being made to bring the assets to full strength. In the meanwhile, the leadership of these armies will have to be overhauled. JCS recommendations for the Army-level commanders are as follows: 8th Army – General Walton H. “Johnnie” Walker as CG, Lieutenant General James Van Fleet as his Deputy CG. 6th Army – General Mark W. Clark as CG, Lieutenant General Matthew B. Ridgway as Deputy CG. Corps and Divisional Commanders to be determined at a later time.

As SCAP, one of Krueger's first assignments will be to search the Empire of Japan to find reform-minded Japanese politicians (hopefully, without the taint of the previous government on them) to draft a Constitution and form a new government. Time is of the essence and this cannot wait. The Japanese people will have to stand on their own, and we cannot afford to spare troops for a protracted occupation.

As for the Japanese soldiers being repatriated from all over Asia, OCSCC has been formulating a plan for their retraining and rearmament, and a way to make it more palatable to the U.S. and Asian populations who were locked in mortal combat with them, only less than a year ago. Another major issue that will have to be dealt with is the discreditation and suppression of resurgent Japanese Communist Party. If left untouched, they would act as a very powerful 5th Column force, more than capable of supporting any Soviet push into the Far East, especially into Japan, through either the Kurile Islands or Port Arthur.

To summarize, we must accelerate the peace process and rearmament of our former enemies, or risk having a second front opened where we are spread the thinnest.

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