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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What Happened in Calais Novikov?

"New travels fast comrade Beria. But of course you should be one of the first to hear any kind of news. It appears that a rouge squadron of RAF night fighter bombers caught one of our airfield practicing night operations. In order to take off they needed the air field lights on and that must have attracted the enemy like a moth to a flame. I'm sure it was an isolated incident but we will keep track of the trends."

"And why were they practicing at night comrade?"

"We have some surprises in store for the RAF. We will never catch them by surprise with their advanced radar and ground spotting system and they will always be able to choose the time of attack. There is no way to hide our presents so we will have to disguise our intentions before they can react. We have a few things in our favor. The most critical is our numerical advantage.

We will use this to catch them landing, fueling and taking off. Each one of our raids will be equal to their entire air force. I seriously doubt that they will concentrate all their fighters in a small enough geographical area where they can all be available at the same time. If they do so much the better as the next wave will catch them landing, re-arming and refueling.

Even a Pe 2 can shoot down a landing Spitfire or destroy it on the ground. The few jets they have are regulated to a few landing fields whose location is well known. They will be destroyed taking off, land or refueling just like our former allies did to the German jets. It is quite wonderful to have such great odds on your side.

So to answer your question more directly we will be over British skies from dawn till dusk and our pilots should have precise in taking off and landing at night. There will be no respite for the first week of combat for the British. If they rise up to meet us then they will die in the air. If they cower in their bunkers they will die on the ground it is the same to me. In the end they will die."

"Ambitious plan Novikov. Where are the supplies coming from?"

"Unlike the Germans in 1940 we have plenty of fuel and replacement pilots. We have had 9 months to prepare and 3 months to move the supplies we needed from the border. These supplies have been hoarded for the last 6 months and stored just for this battle. It was hoped that the British would see that Comrade Stalin's offer was the best choice but they seem to have chosen otherwise. So now the long time it took to gather our supplies together will be upon us and they will be used to take away the skies of Britain from Atlee and the deluded leaders of that small island.

True the planes will not be the newest and one on one the English will be better for the most part but they will not be 5 times better and they will not be any better when they are the most vulnerable. We know their loiter times and we know when they need to land. All we have to do is stay alive until they are the most vulnerable. They will not expect our extended loiter times. We will time our sorties so as to coincide with their landings and refueling times. First comes the bait then the fly swatter.

We are training our crews how to react to a surprise attack from the rear. It will always come from the rear and above or below so we are concentrating on how to best defeat that tactic. They will always come in from above as they see height being an advantage.”

"Thank goodness that unlike Hitler our glorious leader Stalin does not let ideology get in the way of practicality. I was amazed when he let that worm Sergo empty the gulags of useful individuals. Stalin saw the inescapable logic of using that workforce for noble means and not just killing them by working them to death digging holes. I've always thought that was a waste. If you're going to kill someone then just kill them...unless they have something to hide. Is that not so Novikov?"

"I am a fighting man Beria. I would not know of such things. I kill men who are trying to kill me and leave the rest to fellows like you."

"Quite right Novikov...fellows like me."

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