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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

38th Guard Airborne Corps38th Guard Airborne Corps

General Lieutenant Utvenko Alexander Ivanovich Comanding
104th Guards Rifle Division
Outside Toulouse, France

“This is certainly a different mission than the last time Vasily. This time we have secure a mountain pass. It should be easier than sitting in those depots for weeks waiting to connect with our slow moving compatriots.”

“You are right comrade. At least this time we can maneuver. Being stuck in those huge depots was quite a challenge. Keeping out the French Army as well as guarding for saboteurs who wanted to blow us up along with our “liberated” supplies. All those German POWs made me uneasy as well. No good place to lock them up. To the victor go the spoils as someone said Yuri.”

“And maneuver we will have to do. I don’t like the idea of jumping into the mountains. At least it’s the foothills and not the real mountains. Let me look at the operational plan again. Hum we are expected to hold out for 6 days this time. Quite a change for the 3 weeks we held off the French. Remember when those American fools tried to bluff their way through the entrance? I don’t know what their plan was but we stopped it pretty quick eh comrade. But then again maybe they weren’t bluffing and really didn’t know that.”

“The French didn’t press their attacks either knowing our glorious forces where marching like the Golden Horde through Germany and would soon be their masters. Remember that second attack on about our 10th day there?"

“Yes where they made that big yell ran two steps and then ran all the way back to Paris. I don’t think they got even close enough for us to shoot one of them. A truly bloodless victory comrade. One to remember.”

“I heard they fought well under De Gaulle in the Maginot however. Down to the last man."

“Yes it’s amazing what the right leader can do to motivate even defeated troops. Their names will go down in history even though their bodies will go into a shallow grave. Maybe they will be dug up again and given the honors they deserve some day.”

“Amazing that those German prisoners of war at the depots never gave us any concern. They just stayed in their barracks and watched. I guess when we shot their leader when he talked back to Georgy that kind of explained our intentions. That was the first drops where I was better supplied with heavy weapons and artillery than my enemy. All we had to do was to start up one of those Shermans and that was enough to make most run. It helped us to be guarding massive amounts of heavy weapons and ammunition. For once we had the heavy artillery" He grins. "I'm glad we trained on that anti aircraft gun as well. Those new shells the American's have worked well on those bombers. We were like a miniature fort that could reach out and disrupt any attack before it started.”

“Searching for those electronic wonder boxes in the depot was time consuming and a strange thing to do. Why not just wait for the rest of the army to reach us and look for themselves? The NVDK definitely wanted to gain possession of those. Some kind of electronic machine that could do damage to the Yankee and Limey radios or super artillery or something. They never told us what they were for but they wanted them to be our first priority. I still remember what we were supposed to look for “AP-4”... find AP-4. Its hard to do when all the labels are in a different language. They were screaming at us once we found 50 or so to guard them with our lives. I wonder what those machines were used for?

“Enough of old times, when is our day to jump?”

“September 23st on the Western calendar. I cannot get a proper calendar anywhere, only these French ones. I might just miss Christmas because I can’t figure out what day it is back in the motherland. How can they have such different dates for everything? I’ll miss a number of traditions like the yolka oh I mean New Years Tree. I love decorating the … tree even if it is just with homemade ornaments and then there’s Grandfather Frost and Snegurochaka. I love the part where her heart melts her when she falls in love.”

“You sound like a little girl Vasily.”

“Oh Yuri I just miss home. I really enjoyed our leave before the American’s provoked us into this war. It’s been a pretty easy fight so far. Not like Poland. Even though those Germans were defeated they still fought like crazy men.”

“They were fighting for their homeland just like us comrade. Now we are not but neither are the Americans. How hard are they willing to fight for the Frogs? Our march through Germany and France was much like a drive down a country lane until we hit these damn mountains. Do you think the American’s will have the heart to fight for the Italians and Germans once again? The new government forming here in France has many old communists. Men who have been following the teachings of Marx longer than I have. I hear that the British have many workers waiting to be freed from the Capitalist yoke as well.”

“Time will tell comrade…time will tell.”

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