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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, December 2, 2011

Scandinavian Defense Union Headquarters by Mad Missouri

Stockholm, Sweden
September 20th, 1946

Gentlemen, take you seats. Major please begin your brief.

Thank you, Sir. Good Morning Gentlemen.

In the early morning hours of the 10th over 300 hundred aircraft conducted attacks on the five main airfields of the Russian air forces that have been conducting operations over the front in Finland. Our pilots report destroying over 200 enemy planes on the ground, and another 15 in the air at a cost of only 20 of our aircraft lost. So far we believe the air operation was a complete success as we have been able to maintain control of the skies over the front for the last 15 days.

The ground offensive got off to a good start when the Swedish 4th Infantry Division broke through the Russians lines southwest of Kouvala. By early in the morning on the 12th the 3rd Finnish Infantry advancing from east of Kouvala met up with units of the Swedish 4th and completed the encirclement of Kouvala. That trapped close to 3 Russian divisions in the Kouvla pocket. This action caused a 15 kilometer gap in the Russian lines. Into this gap General Heinrich sent 3 infantry divisions supported by 2 armor brigades. Once our units were in the enemies rear areas the front just seemed to collapse. Enemy units appeared to be conducting a fighting retreat back toward the Finnish/Russian border rather than attempting to hold their ground. It is believed that the jamming of the Russian radio networks made it near impossible for the enemy to coordinate a successful defense. First Combined Army was able to push the Russians back to a line just east of the village of Virolahti before they put up a solid defense. The rapid advance of the Finnish 11th Infantry division south to the town of Hamina allowed us to cut off at least 1 possible 2 Russian Corps around the city of Kotka. At 0100 this morning the Russian forces in the Kouvala pocket surrendered. General Lung, Sir that concludes my brief.

Thank you Major.

Gentlemen, I think we can all agree this operation has gone better than any of us ever hoped. Over the last 16 days our forces have completed what can only be described as a rout of the Russian invaders. With that said, General Heinrich has request permission to suspend offensive operations in the east until 1st Combined Army can resupply and the enemy forces around Kotka have been defeat. This request has been granted.

While that is happening, we will begin operations in other areas. At 0230 the go order was given for Operation Valdemar, the liberation of the Danish islands of Bornholm, Loeso, Anholt, and Ertholmene.

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