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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Road to Mutiny by RangerElite

General Sun Li-jen was busy fighting the People's Liberation Army of the Chinese Communist Party, in Manchuria, and he was very successful at it. However, while he was fighting the communists, he was also testing the loyalty of his New 1st Army. Battle after battle, General Sun gained a better insight into the fighting force that he'd helped to create back in the dark days of 1943, when he'd been backed by the Japanese against the wall. He knew that his men would go to hell and back for him, but what of his officers? Who among them would support his bid to create a better China, one without the cult of personality of the Generalissimo, with justice and equality for all?

He started the process of vetting the officers in his army by having his most trusted generals begin to interview company- and field-grade officers, under the pretense of selection for a secret mission. The plan was simple: those officers that showed that they could be reliable, would be elevated to commands of influence. Those officers who were not reliable would be relegated to positions of insignifigance. General Sun was certain that this would ensure that his army was loyal to China alone, and not to any one man.

It was now mid-October, by the Western calender, and he had accomplished much, but there was more to do. By his calculations, General Sun Li-jen knew that he would be able to move soon, and possibly, without any bloodshed. Then, he would divide and conquer the communists, and begin the true healing of a divided China.

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