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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

0346 by Mad Missouri

1 Kilometer east of Karrbacka, Finland
September 11th, 1946

The driver yells over his shoulder, “Well Comrade Major that was a letdown. We drove right through the ambush site without a shot being fired.”

Smiling the Major responds, “That Comrade is the best type of an ambush! Keep your eyes open and watch the road.”

The co-driver, “Comrade Major, look to north.”

At northern sky is bright with the flashes of artillery fire.

Standing up the General looks north, “Damn, that is a lot of guns; Comrade Major, I need a long range transmitter now”

The Major yells, “Comrade Sergeant radio vehicle 1, tell them to speed up.”

Looking up from his radio the Sergeant responds, “Comrade Major I can’t get vehicle 1 to answer. The radio seems to be working, but I get nothing but static”

0345 by Mad Missouri

September 11th, 1946
Battery A, 4th Super-Heavy Artillery Battalion
20 kilometers west of Porvoo, Finland.

Colonel, we have received a signal from Army HQ. They send, “blue 5.”

Good, instruct the gunners to open fire.

0344 by Mad Missouri

1st Combined Army, HQ
Lahti, Finland
September, 10th 1946

General Heinrichs, all units report they are in position.

Thank you, Major. Marshal would you like the honor of giving the command?

Thank you, but I will have to decline. General, you command here.

I understand, Marshal. Thank you. Major send the code to all Army units. Let it begin.

CRACK! by Mad Missouri

Kouvala, Finland
September 10th, 1946

We have movement near building 2. Well, that isn’t our fat Russian Captain… What do we have here? See the one in the fancy uniform? Now he sure looks important.

I see them. Range?

The brick building with the gray roof is 500 meters. I put them at 450 to 475 meters. Move left to right, the one with the fancy uniform first.

Understood 475 meters, left to right.


Hit on left target. Good shot.


Hit on right target. Let’s move this position is finished.