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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Counter Measures

God damn it how are they doing it! Both the Brits and us have thrown the book at those missiles and nothing. There is no possible way that their primitive radar and radio signals are making it through our jamming. We stopped the Fritz within months and those signals are the same. What is going on?

“Bill have you checked the recordings again? There has to be something wrong. There is just no way that they can be getting through our electronics. They just don’t have the technology. Not even the German could do this and we were way ahead of them.”

“Knock it off Pete. You’re preaching to the choir. They got something new…something we haven’t thought of. I’m sure that our current stuff is working but it’s not working on deflecting those missiles. We can’t cram anymore jamming equipment in the counter measures plane. We have to start making choices. We have that plane stuffed with everything from a Cigar to Tinsel and nothing is working. It’s time to drop something out or at least rotate until we get our hands on a working unit. “

“Maybe it’s time to drop the Type 650 Transmitter. It’s obvious the Kehl/Stra├čburg signals are not getting through and are being jammed. I think they are just using it for noise. Let’s suggest we drop that and add that new one Styles has been working on. You know the one that he showed us last week.”

“Ah common there is no way the Soviets have anything that sophisticated.”

“What else are we going to try? Nothing else is working.”

“Alright call Styles and inform Major Wilkes. Shit at this point their willing to try anything.”

“And so are we.”