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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Diary of Burt Post

Sept. 3rd, 1946
Dear Diary

Sounds strange for a 30 year old man to be starting a diary. I was born in 1916 and now I am 30 years old. My 3rd child, a girl, was born today maybe that's why I've decided to start this diary. Ede Mae Post came into this world this morning like a house on fire. She will be a singer.

Maybe I'd better say a little bit about myself before I continue. Male living in Neenah, Wisconsin working for Kimberly Clark as a Chemical Engineer. I was not drafted or allowed to join in WWII due to the fact that my job was considered "vital to the war effort". I guess coming up with new and better ways to make paper to wipe your ass is more important than killing someone. Come to think of it I guess they're right.

Grew up in Springfield Massachusetts moved to Florida for a while then to Green Bay, Wisconsin. My dad was a real entrepreneur. Always on to something new. From a cart full of watermelons to 10,000 Christmas trees that he and his 6 brothers cut down in Canada and shipped to New York, it was always something. We never starved during the depression but it was tight.

Yes I am related to THE Post family. He was my father's cousin. We visited his estate when I was a lad and while the other kids were playing with the horses and such I found my way into the library and was reading when Old man Post came in. That's what got me a full scholarship to Lawrence College in Appleton, Wisconsin and where I met Maxine.

Maxine was a slender beauty of towering character and will who stole my heart. Her childhood was fairly well off. Her father was a dentist who was paid one way or the other. With a newly killed chicken or money it didn't matter.

Three kids later brings us to this day.

Why am I starting this diary? I have a feeling that with the new war going on in Europe that things might get out of hand and I want to chronicle what I see from the heartland of America.

Today I filed what I hope will be the first of many patents. This one is a better way to wring water out of those wood fibers that make up a sheet of paper. Not too thrilling but it will increase the supply of toilet paper dramatically.

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