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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

To Whom it may Concern

Letter to the Editor
New York Times
September 7th, 1946

Dear Sir,

What may I ask is our government doing to end this war and save the people of France and the rest of Western Europe. We spent all this time and money on the atomic bomb. It seems to have worked quite well on the Japanese. We didn't have to blow up all their cities and they surrendered when we just used two atomic bombs.

Why don't we drop a bomb or two on Moscow and finish this fighting up. What is the problem with the B29 and our pilots? I've measured the distance from Finland to Moscow and it is well within the range of the Superfortress. Why haven't we just flown over Moscow like we did Hiroshima and end this war before it costs us more money and the lives of your young soldiers and airmen once again?


John Morton

"Pretty soon these kinds of letters are going to show up in Dear Abby Bill. Then the whole nation will be asking the same question. So far we've managed to dodge the bullet but we can keep this up for long. We have to come up with some explanation that answers these kinds of questions without terrorizing the population."

"What you don't want to tell them that the Reds can apparently shoot our bomber out of the sky at will and there is nothing we can do about. Which means we have no way of delivering the greatest weapon in the history of mankind?"

"Hey don't get mad at me you're the one who climbed over the backs of your fellow man to become the President's Chief Political Advisor and now you're going to have to earn your pay."

"You're right as want to change jobs for this one? I'll make sure they pay your more than I make? How about just for a week or so?"

"Not on your life little buddy. You and your Napoleonic Complex can reap the crop that you have sown."

"Sure kick a man while he's down."

" You wanted this job now get you're small ass out of my office and present something brilliant to the President."

"Kiss my small ass."

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