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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Burt Post Diary Sept. 12th, 1946

What a day! A police car drove up and escorted our two oldest up to the front door. John was supposed to take his little sister Lynn out for a walk starting at his Grandmas house. He got a little carried away and convinced his 4 year old sister to follow him downtown to see what was playing at the movie theatre. It's a 3 mile walk? Anyway they were doing pretty well when Lynn stepped out in front of a car and fell down. Luckily she fell down because the poor women driving the car would have hit her square with the bumper. Because she fell down the two front wheels missed her by passing on either side. What a horrible situation for everybody involved. 

Over in Chilton a little two year old fell in the river when her big sister was playing on the swings. A lot of kids dying in preventable accidents these days.

I guess our little home town is getting too big for kids to run around loose for long periods of time. When I was a kid we would run out of the house after breakfast and then show up for lunch, run out again till supper and not come home until dark. I guess those days are over. We sure had a lot of fun playing army, Kick the Can, Kickball, baseball, Everyone Tackle the Guy With the Ball (gotta change that name) and a million variations of tag.

I just read about some guy in Pennsylvania that started an organized league for boys to play baseball before they are in high school. What a ridiculous concept. You got ten or more kids together, rock-paper-scissors for the captains, threw a bat in the air, one captain caught it, you alternated gripping the bat until the was no bat left and the last one to fit a pinky on the end chose first. They alternated picks until Eddy was left (in our case he was always chosen last cause he threw like a girl) and the last captain got him. Jackie was always picked way before Eddy and even most of the time before Bill, Bob and sometimes even Jeff. They whined a lot being a few years younger than the rest of us. Jackie had quite an arm and held the high school girls record for throwing a softball for years. Then we played for at least 3 hours and had a ball. Well... except for Eddy.

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