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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Down To Ranger Elite

Far East Theater in WWIII 1946

Down To Ranger Elite

Provisional Capital
Peking, Republic of China

He had done much in those few days after removing Chiang from power, but it was completely worth the effort. Now, Sun Li-jen is getting ready to meet with the new American Commander-in-Chief of the Far Eastern Theater and Supreme Allied Commander in the Far East, General of the Army, Walter Krueger, to offer him Chinese bases in the provinces of Sinkiang and Heilungkiang, and his full and complete support in the war against the Soviet Union, whom he had never trusted to begin with. In return for this support, Sun expected American support in expelling the remnants of the Chinese Communist Party's People's Liberation Army, whom he ripped to shreds after they tried to break his cordon across North and Central China.

Reviewing the events of the past few days: the radio address to the nation announcing the downfall of Chiang and the new provisional government, with printed copies going  out to all corners of the republic; the proclamations decreeing market-based land reforms and equal treatment under the law for all Chinese citizens and complete amnesty and pension for all members of the CCP/PLA who peaceably lay down their arms, or join the new Chinese Army, formed from the nucleus of his New 1st Army; his talks with the influential communist military leader, Xu Haidong, at his sick bed in Yennan, convincing him that he and his men could do more good working with them, instead of fighting against them, for they were all one people; forcing the provincial and county governors to swear an oath of loyalty to the new government of China. Those who did not, did so at their own peril. Sun Li-jen, in order to prove that he believed in the reforms that he called for, resigned his military commision, but retained the unwavering loyalty of all the officers and men that remained in the New 1st Army, which he would rely upon to help him implement and maintain and defend his reforms. The New 1st Army believed in him, and his plan, and they will make sure that he is not derailed.

During the meeting with General Krueger, Sun Li-jen made his offer and it was warmly accepted, with a promise of military aid consisting of new weapons and equipment and training, tooling local factories to produce the war materials needed locally for this fight. All of these points were agreed upon and the local ambassador, acting on behalf of the State Department and with the permission of the Truman Administration, produced a bilateral mutual defense and aid pact for Sun to review and sign, as well as a draft of a pact creating an Asian defense treaty, similar in scope to the NATO. That would be the chance for China to assume its rightful place in Asia; as opposed to being the doormat to the Western Powers, China can be the first among equals, leading the defense of Asia against communist aggression and foreign encroachment. The meeting has been far more promising than was initially thought. He had much to think about...

Now that the meeting had concluded amiably with General Krueger, it was down to business with General Trinh Minh The, the unusually young commander of the Vietnamese National Army, to work out an agreement to fight the communists in his area...

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