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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Intelligence in WWIII 1946 by Ranger Elite

Colonel Archimedes L.A. Patti's office
Temporary CIA quarters
U.S. Legation Building
Kunming, Yunnan Province, Republic of China

After a period of settling in, Colonel Patti immediately started accumulating intelligence on Soviet and CCP spies and agitators in the southeast borderlands of China. With the crack team of Americans of southeast Chinese, Han Chinese and Indochinese descent that he had assembled, he immediately began making inroads into the plans the Soviets had to completely turn the Republic of China toward its camp. After he began collecting substantial information on disruptive protests and assassination plots, he began to forward this information to the new Chinese government and its new armed forces, helping to foil most of the activities, due to their transparent nature.

He was enormously surprised when, upon his arrival in Kunming, he'd received a letter from, soon followed very shortly afterward by a brief visit by, the republic's new president, Sun Li-jen. He was even more surprised to find him exceedingly knowledgeable and cogent on all the global issues, past and present, that have brought the world to this dire state. When he went back over his research on the new president of China, he saw the engineering degree from Purdue University and the military science degree from the Virginia Military Institute. It all made sense then. The man put nation before himself and was obviously no slouch. It was also in this meeting that Colonel Patti was informed that the only Chinese oversight that he would have would be to deliver his intelligence reports, via diplomatic courier, directly to the President of China first, unlike the days of SACO, where everything was “joint” in name only. Otherwise, he and his team would not be molested in their activities. Apparently, the same message had been conveyed to all the other intelligence teams operating within Chinese borders.

As an additional obligation, President Sun requested of all U.S. intelligence teams operating in China that they train three trusted Chinese nationals, to form the nucleus of his own new intelligence service. Patti saw no problem with this, but that nagging feeling in the back of his mind just would not go away, prompting him to think “Things are going so well now, when will the other shoe drop?”

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