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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, April 27, 2012

On the Road to Borne by Tallthinkev

Things were getting hairy.
'Why they bloody hell did I let Tom drive' Jack thought 'Sod me. If it wasn't bad enough with the Russians...'
The little Austin 10/4 van took a sharp right hand corner at the end of Toft High Street.
Jack and Tom clashed heads as the van rolled towards the Hardwick Road.
'That's bloody well it' shouted Jack 'pull over and let me drive, for Gods sake.'
'What the matter?' said Tom
'Your driving! That's what! Now pull over!' Jack was now angry.
Tom pulling over in that part of the countryside turned out not to be the best idea.
The little Austin bumped against the low grass bank and nearly turned over. It ended up facing back towards Toft.
Jack didn't say anything. This is when Tom knew he was in real trouble, he just sat behind the wheel and didn't dare move.
'Come on you get out and see what you've done'
Tom got out slowly, half expecting a clout round the ear. It didn't come. Tom saw Jack walking away. Jack had stopped about twenty yards along the road and sat down on the bank.
'Big trouble' Tom was thinking 'Big, big trouble.'
'Just look at it. Bloody well look.'
'Where?' asked Tom
'Nearside front wheel.'
Tom walked around the front of the van and looked. The wheel was bent and the tire two thirds off it. The front wing didn't seem to be to bad until Tom lent on it, most of it was only held on by about four bolts. This is when the headlamp fell off.
'You stupid boy.' was all Jack could say.

Thirty minutes later they a managed to get the wheel off and Jack went to get the spare.
'Did you take the spare out already Tom?'
'No, Mr Smith. Why?'
'I don't know. Why don't you come and have a look?'
Tom stepped up to the back doors.
'Well?' said Jack
'Well what?' was the reply from Tom
'Where's the sodding spare wheel?'
Tom didn't say anything, maybe that was the best thing he could say.
'Did you check everything before we started out?'
Tom started to open his mouth and the shut it before the could make things worse.
'Shall we go over the things that you should have checked?'
'No let me check things, might be the best way. Did we have enough petrol? Yes. Did we have all the tools we might need? Yes. Did all the lights work?'
Tom interrupted 'I checked those.'
'Well, we have three of them left anyway, Now where's the BLOODY spare wheel?'
'I, er, erm. I thought it was in there. Sorry Mr Smith, I'm very sorry.'
Jack took at few seconds before saying more.
'Never mind, I should have checked as well. Who had the van before you did?'
'It was Mr Marshall.'
'Bloody would be, wouldn't it.'
'Are you going to tell him, Jack?'
'No you are.' Tom didn't think he'd have a job after that little conversation.
'Don't worry too much I'll come with you' said Jack 'In the mean time roll that wheel back to the garage in Toft and see if they can repair it.'
with that Tom start the walk back to Toft.

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