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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Cold and Dark

Beria's office is a cold, dark space. Just like the man's soul. There are no trophies in the room, no pictures. Nothing to indicate that a living, breathing human being occupies the office. It is functional as it is barren. Chair behind his desk is the same kind he uses to tie victims to when he tortures them. It is sturdy beyond belief. No one has even come close to breaking one of those chairs no matter how much pain and agony they are subjected to, the chair always wins.

The chairs are constructed by man from Beria's own village. The man is over seventy years old and does not have an apprentice. It really doesn't matter as there are six dozen new chairs in a warehouse waiting to be used. They'll be in that warehouse until the Soviet Union ends because they never break. And even Beria has enough for his current use.

There's an old brass lamp with a green tinted glass eye shade sitting on his desk. Curtains are open enough behind him and opened to hide his face from anyone who enters the room. The windows are tinted and bulletproof just in case. He has literally a million enemies but only one really concerns him. One Josef Stalin.

He's engrossed in one of the many of thousands of lists that cross his desk every week. List of names... an endless list of names. Many others have the power to put those names on the list but only Sergo, himself and Stalin have the power to remove names from those lists. It is an endless task which he enjoys immensely, deciding who lives and who dies, who is tortured and who will be sent to prison. The only other person who enjoys it as much as he does in Stalin himself. Sergo seems to not care one way of the other unless the name is of value to his projects. Then he is like a man possessed.

This was the case when Tupolev was once again to be sent to the gulag. Sergo went into Stalin's office and demanded that Tupolev be assigned to his projects. Not only did Stalin change his mind but Sergo is still alive and so is Tupolev. Both the US and British jet engines and parts fell into Beria's hands the first few weeks of the war were put to very good use.

Combined with the information coming from inside the US and UK research teams a truly functional jet engine is a year away if not sooner. In the mean time 20 of the UK engines and 30 of the US are being stuffed into the Yak 15 and the Mig 9. That should come as a surprise for the RAF. They will be expecting the German Jumos and instead will be getting a far more capable opponent powered by their own engines.

He's was just thinking about how to steal some credit from Sergo when there is a knock on the door. He grunts and in walks tall young man. Man is almost the exact opposite of Beria. He's tall the full head of hair and looks like he should be on a recruiting poster for the red Army. In truth he enjoys torturing people almost as much as Beria himself. His youthful stamina and strength have combined to kill too many of his victims before the desired effect but he will learn. Beria is a very good teacher.

There is great value in allowing torture victims go back into the population. It serves many functions but the best one is to terrorize anyone else who may or may not be guilty. It's a wonderful deterrent to any reactionary thinking. I would not be surprised if dictators in the future did not use it to gain control of their populations.

"Your Excellency we have received disturbing news from the Mideast. There are rumors of large numbers of aircraft arriving from the West. Have lost contact with a few agents we had in Egypt."

"I seem to remember reports from that clown, that drunk in Sevastopol. Complaining how his planes were being sent West. He had a theory that the US might use the Mideast as a staging area for strikes against our oilfields in the Caucasus. In contrast our agents in the United States say that the United States workers are on strike and the rearming of the American bombing force is taking much longer than expected. This agent is highly placed and has always given us exact information in the past."

"Perhaps we should get Novikov on the phone and see what kind of information he has."

"He will not be of much use is totally consumed with the upcoming battle over the skies of Britain. In fact he is stripped much of the aircraft from the Mideast and plans to use them in his onslaught of the British Isles. He will not be happy to hear this news on the eve of his attack. It is better that hears it from you than from Stalin himself. Novikov is one of the few who seems to know his job."

"Very well your Excellency I will see it is done."

As the aide leaves the room so is any thought of aiding Novikov. Baria's thoughts turned to how he can turn this to his own advantage. On the one hand he could be blamed for this failure of intelligence. On the other it is Novikov who has stripped the defenses around the Caucasus.

No there is no way around it. He will be blamed in the end so it is time to rectify the situation. The earliest date his agents have estimated that the Americans can be ready for any kind of bombing campaign is the middle of November. Novikov will have until the end of October, at the latest the second week in November, to sweep the skies clean over the British Isles. Then he must get his equipment back to the real prize. The one that the Soviet Union cannot live without... the oil.

The new missile batteries must be in place sooner. Perhaps he should strip the ones from the Channel and send them East. We now have over 300 missiles and Sergo is producing 100 a month. Still they are only a stop gap weapon and more of a psychological weapon than a practical one. They will be easily defeated if the Capitalists find out how they work. The X4 air to air missile was progressing well too. Combined with the Pe9 it was a wonderfully mobile weapons system against the level bomber.

In the meantime you must rebuild his intelligence assets throughout the Mideast. He has neglected that area for far too long in the time will come when the invasion of Turkey and Saudi Arabia will become a reality. The NATO allies must be deprived of the Suez Canal and the oilfields in that area. The Mediterranean Sea will no longer be the playground of the NATO fleets. It will become a Soviets lake just like the Black and the Baltic Sea. The quest for a warm water port will be over once and for all.

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