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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

An Early Start by Tallthinkev

In the office was Arthur Marshall and a couple of officer's, one from the RCAF and another from the Royal Engineers. Jack was offered a seat across the table from them.

'Good of you to come along at such short notice' said one of the officers.

It was 7.00 am and Jack had been with his family in Great Wilbraham when Wilhelm had called, that was only 30 minutes earlier. He hadn't even had time for a quick wash and bush up, let alone a shave.

'I didn't have much choice did I. At least you didn't get Tom to drive'

'Tom will not be driving for a while' said Mr. Marshall.

'That is one good thing at least. Now what can I do for you?'

The Canadian Group Captain spoke first, 'As you know before D-day we deployed quite a number of decoys to fool the Nazis, we think that will work again.' Jack started to open his mouth and then shut it when he the officer continued.

'This time we will be doing it a little differently. The Russians have been sending a lot of re-con aircraft over in the last few weeks. They know, more or less where all our planes are and of course the airfields. What we need to do is 'make' some more and quickly.'

The army officer was introduced. 'This is Captain Ashwood. He will fill you in about what we have in mind.'

Markham then started to tell Jack about it.

'What we need to do is let the Russians see what we want them to see. The new airfields. We then will let some of them escape to report back.'

'We have already picked out some likely spots for these, but will have to have someone with more local knowledge. This is where you come in.'

'Me? I don't know anything about making a landing strip let alone a solid runway.'

'You don't have to' said Arthur 'just someone who know what's what, someone with some common sense and know how to turn boy's into men.'

That's news to me thought Jack. Who do they think I am, Churchill?

'I have had some of my men look at some spots where we think they could be put up quickly. Look at the map and tell us what you think' asked the Group Captain.

Half an hour later Jack had said yes to some, no to others and not sure about half a dozen.

The drive to Milton had taken only ten minutes. The land which Jack was not sure about, seemed better than he remembered. On the left hand side, going from Cambridge, beside the A10. It was not waterlogged and flatter than he had thought.

'Well sir, think we can make one here, but what about Oakington and Waterbeach? Aren't they be bit close? Wouldn't they think the same, I know, I would.'

'Mr. Smith that is the idea.'

'What do you mean?'

'The Reds will know what we did in '44 and will expect us to do the same. The beauty is that they will not know which are real fakes, which are fake fakes and which are not fakes.'

Jack had no idea what he was on about. He just there stood opened mouthed.

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