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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Diary of Burt Post Sept. 14th, 1946

Not much going on today. Rumors of a major battle over the skies of Britain. Wish them well. Apparently we can't be of much help for some reason. Production problems, political ministrations by the those Southern Senators, who knows. Imagine purposefully not helping an old friend and ally just so a sitting president won't get re-elected. Just to make him look bad. It's nothing but treasonous in time of war if you ask me.

 Maxine is becoming a wife again. Before she was just a mother but now she is cooking and cleaning again. We made love for the first time after the birth of Ede. Very nice to hold the women you love in your arms once again. She seems to enjoy herself. I know I do.

 Read an article in the NY Times about a tiger in India. Killed 17 villagers before someone shot it. As if they don't have enough trouble there with the rebellion or quest for freedom, depending on who you talk to. I'm glad the US never really had any empire outside of Philippines and Cuba anyway. What a mess the Philippines was.

Although that Smedly Butler made a great case in the 30s that while he was a Marine he was just an enforcer for American business concerns who acted like gangsters like the American Fruit Company and Standard Oil. When every something didn't go their way they called in the Marines just like they were their own special police force or gang enforcers. We've made a lot of enemies all over the world including many countries in Central and South America. I know the leaders are on our side but what about the people. Communism might seem mighty tempting to a peasant working 16 hour days in some rich guys silver mine while his family starves thanks to the company store. Come to think of it that is mighty close to our own coal mines.

 There were a large number of strikes before this war. It could happen again if we don't win it soon. I don't think the American public is going to stand for another long drawn out war like the last one. I guess we have to use the atomic bomb on them. I wonder why we haven't done so already. Well I guess they have their reasons.

 I got a letter from Fred Schneider's wife. He died last week. He was involved with the atomic program I believe. She didn't say but from the tone of the letter it sounded like Fred got a dose of something real bad. Just like those awful pictures from Japan before they started to censor things. I got the feeling from her hand writing that she was sick too as was little Fred Jr. Such a shame Fred was way too young to die. Glad I stuck with paper. Can't die too easily from a paper cut.

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