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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Royals by Ranger Elite

Scandinavia in WWIII, 1946 

King Haakon VII's Royal Residence
Øslo, Kingdom of Norway

King Haakon was rushing to leave, for the second time this decade. Surrounded by his Royal Guard, he and his family hurriedly gathered what they could carry, on their way to the ship that awaited them. He could hear the gunfire getting closer, and in complete irony, it was he who saw the Soviet parachutes attached to their troopers falling gently to earth...HIS piece of earth! He suppressed his anger and plowed forward, grabbing aides and handcuffing briefcases to their wrists, assigning a Royal Guard officer to each aide. It had been fully two hours now since he'd last heard from his Prime Minister, Einar Gerhardsen, at the conference at the Karlsborg Fortress, in Sweden. For that matter, he hadn't heard from the Royal Danish government-in-exile since earlier this morning, either. He knew that Danish King Christian X's Prime Minister was also at the same conference, along with with the Swedish and Finnish Prime Ministers.

As King Haakon and his family make their way to the armored trucks, they are joined by King Christian X of Denmark and his family. They hurriedly exchange pleasantries and board the trucks, then surrounded by a sea of their combined Royal Lifeguardsmen, begin the hard trip to the harbor, to the American submarine that had been docked there for the past week, training the Norwegian crew that would be replacing it, once the submarine was transferred to Norwegian command. There were a ring of flak trucks surrounding the Kings' convoy to the harbor, all mounting 20mm Oerlikon cannon, elevations fully depressed and hammering away at the Soviet paratroopers. As the two monarchs were now fully able to see Soviet paratroopers running and shooting through the streets of Øslo, out the back of their trucks, Haakon and Christian drew their sidearms and began participating in their own defense, along with the Royal Guardsmen who readily lay their lives down for them.

As the convoy fought its way to the harbor, the way became clearer, as the Soviets hadn't fought their way to this location yet, but Soviet aircraft flying out of Denmark, most notably the Ilyushin Il-2 “Sturmovik” kept strafing, raking each and every wharf, while every ship that was still in harbor and still capable, raked the Soviet attack formations with withering ack-ack and machine gun fire, keeping the Soviets at bay long enough for both Royal families to board the submarine, from which the combined American and Norwegian crew members kept firing their Bofors guns and machine guns, until all were safely aboard. Then, the submarine sped out of the harbor, rapidly diving deep to avoid the Soviet aerial onslaught, taking the Royal families of Norway and Denmark into further exile in Great Britain.

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