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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sun Li-Jen plans by Ranger Elite

Xu Hai-dong's Residence
Yan'an, Shaanxi Province, Republic of China

This is the sixth trip made by Sun Li-jen to see him, since Sun ousted Chiang Kai-shek from power several weeks back. At first, Comrade Xu was suspicious of Sun's visits, but he came to realize that Sun respected him, as an adversary and a potential ally, and more importantly, that Sun had the best interests of ALL of China in his heart, not just those of “his” own people or special interests. That compelled Comrade Xu to rethink his positions, especially since Comrade Mao Tse-tung had been just recently elevated to the Chairmanship of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party. Xu detested Mao for his radical ideas, and his willingness destroy the very people he claimed to want to save from the capitalist yoke of oppression, to satisfy his thirst for power and control.

The most encouraging things that Xu gleaned from his conversations with Comrade Sun, was the fact that he really wanted to grant the same freedoms to the Chinese people, that free peoples all over the world enjoyed, and while they disagreed ideologically, they need not be enemies. In their now numerous discussions, they covered an entire spectrum of issues, everything from free and fair elections, safeguarded from corruption, to the formation of an national army, not beholden to the various warlords and governors, but to the Chinese people, to the issue of land reform, where Sun suggested that credit could be extended to the people to purchase their own land, if they chose to do so. Xu could not help but wonder how much like a communist Sun sounded, without actually being one. Xu also thought that this was a man whom he could support for the good of China, because Soviet adventurism in Europe would bring China low, if they were drawn into the fight, as the Soviets wanted.

It was in that moment that Xu decided that he must be a patriot first and not an ideologue, and he must convince others to do the same. He has suggested to Comrade Sun that he would place his regional forces at his disposal, and swear allegiance to Sun's new government. In addition, he confided in Sun that he had an idea for a battle plan that would drive the Soviets out of Manchuria and, once and for all, crush Mao's radical wing of the CCP, all in one great battle. But, as he did not know who to trust, Xu would have to formulate his plan in absolute secrecy, answering alone to President Sun. To this, President Sun agreed, and placed one of his most trusted aides at Xu's disposal, to act as a messenger between Yan'an and Peking. President Sun agreed to all of this, on the condition that Comrade Xu make a nationwide speech on the radio, announcing his support for the new government. Xu simply asked when would be convenient for the President to do so...

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