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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Diary of Burt Post Sept. 15th, 1946

Just saw an advertisement for a new movie coming out before Christmas called "It's a Great Life or Wonderful Life", directed by Frank Capra. I sure liked his movies about the war effort. Those "Why We Fight" movies sure got me stirred up.

Usually I don't like this kind of thing but it could be good. Stars Jimmy Stewart. I guess he made it before he went back in to the Army Air Force. It has angels and a redemption theme. His love interest is a new girl named Donna Reed. She is cute. A guy at the barber shop showed me a nude picture of her. I guess those starlets have to get on screen somehow. The casting couch must not be a myth. I sure wish I was a Hollywood Director. On second thought I wouldn't give up my family for a chance at bedding the most beautiful girls in the world...

The economy is really slowing down again for civilian products. The military stuff is taking over again. I guess Truman and his brain trust are starting to get their head out of their ass. I heard it was the big wig corporate types that didn't want to go into debt further. Hell we just fought a war to save those poor folks over there and they are worried about business when another tin pot dictator comes along. If you ask me if you put business before your country you are a traitor and should be treated as one. Imagine trying to fight a war without asking the average man to sacrifice anything while your fighting men are dying and getting maimed and you sitting at home worried about the next good movie.

I do what I can. I tried to join but they keep saying my job is critical to the war effort. Who would have thought that paper and paper products were a critical part of the war effort.

Bill Swain is still not able to come back to work. According to Mary he has horrible nightmares about his time in Guadal Canal. He wakes up screaming and is pouring in sweat. I guess he even attacked Mary before he came out of it. Combat must be terrible. I wonder if there is any help for these guys? I guess they call it battle fatigue or something. Old Blood and Guts Patton almost lost his job because he didn't believe in it and slapped that soldier. After being with Bill I believe it. Something's just aren't meant for the average man to endure. I wonder how many hand to hand combat situations Patton got himself in to? Maybe he's just one of those rare individuals that can live with killing a man up close. No one knows how they would react until it happen to them.

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