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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Novikov Reports

Novikov paced outside the door of the most terrifying man in the world. He knew what game Stalin was playing. Hell he used it himself. He used it because it worked…just like it was working on him. The trouble was he could not control himself.

Novikov thought…It’s the anticipation that does it. You just can’t help thinking about it. He knew what he was going to say. He had all the facts and figures. He had all the justification he needed to put the blame squarely on Beria. That little weasel had been out foxed by the RAF. His pool of spies had failed to alert the VVS of the upcoming attack. Without that advance information things were going to go wrong just like with any military operation. The only reason they had been almost completely successful in intercepting the Capitalist air raids was because of advanced notice. Without it Leningrad would be a smoking pile of radiation and more attacks would have followed on more cities.

What a monstrous invention the atomic bomb was. He actually hoped that the VVS will never be given the opportunity to use one.  He didn’t know if he could sleep at night knowing he had created such wanton destruction. He wondered if the American commanders and pilots who detonated them over those two helpless cities in Japan had any regrets. Snap out of it Novikov … you have to be aggressive and have your facts in order.

Go over them one more time. Despite what the British press is saying we only lost 58 pilots and 116 planes. Out of tens of thousands of pilots that is not many. We lose more pilots per month in training then that. The destruction of facilities and supplies were well with in normal ranges for a day’s worth of combat. A pin prick your Excellency…no …Comrade.

I don’t want to seem too obsequious.

He pretends to like that but in reality that is what gets you killed. He had seen it many times. Many times…

Concentrate Alexander… he is the most dangerous man on earth…yes a pin prick Comrade and easy healed. If Beria had warned us like he contends he can this would have not happened at all. If you will recall Excellency, Comrade Beria is the one who promised to inform us of any major raid by the RAF and USAAF. And I will say that so far he has been doing very well. But to blame me and the VVS for this is beyond reason. If anyone is to blame it is the NKVD under the direction of Lavrentiy Beria.

In his mind he takes a more conciliatory tone.

But do not be too hard on him comrade he has done very well so far and I have confidence in him (because he knows too many of my secrets) and I am sure he will not fail again. This and the attack by the Capitalist battleships were mistakes but correctable ones comrade. Do not go too hard on him.
It does not do any harm to try and soften the blow for Lavrentiy. He is a dangerous man to cross and this is not worthy of his ire.

Ouch…damn…my toe hurts. I must have gout or something. Of all the time for this to happen. Oh damn it …it hurts...god damn it!

The door opens and an aide beckons Novikov inside.

How does he do that? How did he know my foot would be hurting? He must have a witch on his payroll…

“Alexander Novikov, Chief Marshal of Aviation reporting as ordered Comrade.”

The door closes behind the aide as the aide leaves the room without looking back.

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