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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Mao Smiles by RangerElite

Far East Theater in WWIII 1946

In an abandoned coal mine,
Somewhere in
Soviet-occupied Manchuria

This is what now constituted a “People's Congress”, committee meetings in the dark, hunted now more than ever before, with a completely shattered command structure and facing more and more defections to the new Republic of China Armed Forces, with the most devastating being the defection of Xu Haidong's Yennan Route Army. Mao has sworn his revenge on Xu and his traitorous followers, and to all who have abandoned the people's war. How could he have been so blind as to not see the coup that deposed Generalissimo Chiang coming from within his own ranks? But none of that second-guessing did anything to remedy his situation right now...

The issue at hand was the disruption of recruitment of new troops for the army of the new government and blocking the reforms that they are attempting to implement, starting a new propaganda campaign that decried this government as more of the same corruption. This dog Sun was smart, but even a smart dog must be made to heel; bending him and his reforms to Chairman Mao's, and by extension the Chinese Communist Party's, will is a step in that direction. In order to make this happen, Mao must discredit Sun, and his government, first, and that was increasingly becoming an insurmountable task.

On the military front, Mao was becoming increasingly irritated with the Soviets, and their decreasing material support for his war. Though his manpower numbers were decreasing, he was no longer being supplied with first-rate weapons, ammunition and equipment from the Soviets themselves, but with second-rate weapons, ammunition and equipment captured from the Allies in their lightning attack across Europe. This was causing severe logistical hardship on Mao's troops, with the additional issue of hampering his operations because of it. This is another reason why Sun's counter-offensive against his forces have been so successful, so much so that Mao's forces have been pushed back behind the Soviet lines in Manchuria. Comrade General Chou En-lai was working on a new plan of attack, and they were retrofitting some special equipment that the Soviets had just delivered to them, just for this attack. It was sure to be a nasty surprise to the government forces who will no doubt be facing it. Mao Tse-tung smiled at the thought, as the meeting came to order...

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