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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Decisive Blow by RangerElite

On an abandoned Japanese base,
Somewhere in Soviet-Occupied Manchuria

Long Shien had been working day and night on the tanks that the Russians had brought in four days ago under great secrecy, repairing engines and retrofitting new guns on the former German tanks, spoils of the people's war against fascism. Now they will be used, along with surrendered Japanese tanks, in a frontal assault against the Nationalist warmonger pigs. They would be taking the fight to the capitalists for the for the first time since the war with the Japanese had ended. And these deadly technological wonders, built by the oppressed German workers and forced slave labor, will be used as the spearhead of a decisive battle, one that will decide the future of China, and of world communism.

The tank he was currently working on was a King Tiger, with heavier armor and a larger gun than the original Tiger tank, and was being re-engined and re-gunned with Soviet copies of Allison gasoline-turbine engines and Soviet weapons. In the case of this particular tank, it was being re-engined and Long was assisting in re-gunning it with a 122mm anti-tank gun. Long Shien would do his part to advance the People's War, and he would make sure that this gun would destroy the capitalist enemy.

There were already three regiments formed from these tanks, along with Soviet and former Japanese tanks, and they would form the spearhead of the Shock Army that they were forming, as an all-or-nothing gamble, feeling that through all the set-backs in recent months, this could be the action that they needed in order to further their cause. They had been far too lax since the Japanese surrendered late last year, and the Soviets had been increasingly stingy with the new weapons and training since they began their war of Liberation in Western Europe. But now, there was a chance.

Communist workshops have been busy rechambering the captured, mismatched, weapons that they'd been receiving from the Soviets' European campaign. Fortunately, the majority of the weapons were of German manufacture, and the Chinese had been making the 8mm Mauser ammunition for many years now. The problem lay in the mountains of captured British and American weapons, along with smaller quantities of French, Belgian, Dutch and Scandinavian weapons now being supplied. Comrade Long was honored to be contributing in such a great endeavor, to free the people of the world from the oppressive yoke of capitalism.

As Comrade Long went back to focusing on his work, he noticed his work commissar, Hsu Shieng-hwei, had appeared from nowhere with an eternally sour scowl on his face “Comrade Long! You are installing that gun breech wrong! I would be ashamed to show your work to even the worst of our comrade Soviet armorers! Rotate that breech a quarter turn to the right and tighten it up NOW!” Long Shien felt himself get hot with embarrassment and quickly began to make the corrections that his commissar so forcefully instructed him to make. Comrade Commissar Hsu was always so hard on him, insulting him in front of everyone and berating his work. Were it not for the cause they both served, and the fact that Hsu was more equal than he, Long would have slowly painfully murdered him by now. But he did his part to advance the cause, and that meant ignoring the abuse from the commissar and doing his job to the best of his ability, and he would continue to do so until the day of final victory, or his glorious death.

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