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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, January 25, 2013

“Red Star On The Run” by Ranger Elite

The Home Front

In an apartment safe house
of the Communist Party-USA,
Near 43rd Street and Cottage Grove Avenue,
The South Side of Chicago

Richard was now a marked and hunted man. Ever since the Soviets had started their War of Liberation back in May, the FBI had been aggressively searching for him, as one of the identified members of the Communist Party-USA (member card number 47644) and the editor of the CP-USA weekly publication, The Chicago Star. He was now subject to arrest and detention, as an enemy agent of the Soviet Union, but his good fortune, and what he believed were his unparalleled skills as a survivor, helped him avoid such a fate. He had been on the run ever since, but every move was now fraught with danger as more and more of his comrades, especially his fellow community organizers in the Negro community, were being rounded up and imprisoned.

Even still, Richard refused to leave Chicago, preferring instead to continue to publish the propaganda paper, when and where the opportunity arose. That was the blessing, and the curse, of the True Believer, was the inabilty to see the pragmatic long view, in favor of short-term gain. Both were useful in their own right, but only one afforded the ability for a complete victory. Richard himself had attempted to agitate some worker riots on the South Side, which were promptly put down by the police department's flying squads, assisted by Military Police units of the Illinois National Guard (the Posse Comitatus Act had been temporarily suspended by Congress, in its last session), by virtue of the truncheon, and rifle shots fired in the air. Unfortunately, there were a few deaths that resulted, and the ones that did occur were a tragic propaganda blow to CP-USA. As a result, support for the party was beginning to decline now, from their inability to secure moral support or financial backing for strikes, especially from among the Negro community, who wanted nothing more than to work and feed their families, and to be left out of the political fracas. Even the staunchly loyal original members of the CP-USA of Chicago, the “Old Guards”, were distancing themselves from the Richard's extreme violence, and his attempts to start the revolution in Chicago.

But this time, Richard had gone too far. Last night, close to being captured, he had gotten into a shoot-out with the Feds and two of his comrades were dead, and he saw a couple Feds go down. If that was indeed the case, they would be searching harder for him now, relentless to capture or kill him, for injuring or killing their own. Richard will not yield. In the ratty tenement apartment, he had close at hand a Tommy gun and a Colt .45 automatic. He was not a rat, refused to be tortured, and resolved not to be taken alive. What he did not know was that there was a combined task force, composed of the Chicago FBI's Special Intelligence Section, and the Chicago Police Department's newly-established communist-hunting intelligence section, the “Red Squad”, gathering intelligence and on Richard, and his associates, stalking them back to where they hid.

A fierce, hard, pounding on the door. “RICHARD DAVIS BELZINGER! THIS IS THE FBI! YOU ARE WANTED IN THE MURDER OF TWO FBI AGENTS! YOU ARE SURROUNDED AND CAN NOT RUN, SO SURRENDER PEACEFULLY!” No immediate answer. Two rapid shotgun blasts, and the splintered door is kicked in, and just as quickly, Richard Davis Belzinger calmly stands up, holding up the Tommy gun to his shoulder, and fires it until the 50-round drum magazine is emptied. Sometime between the moment that he calmly puts down the Tommy gun, and the time that he attempted to reach for the Colt .45 pistol, five .45 bullets entered his chest, ripping huge chunks out of him as they exited.

As he lay bleeding, fading slowly, he saw standing over him the new FBI Special Agent in Charge, Eliot Ness. Ness had been brought out of retirement in Cleveland and recruited into the FBI, to command the Chicago office's Special Intelligence Section. His mission was hunting down the communist cells in his hometown. “This is for my men you murdered last night, you bastard!” And the Colt .45 jumped in Ness' hand...

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