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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bedfordshire by Tallthinkev

Commander Ian Fleming reported to the reception area of the large country house in Bedfordshire, as he had done nearly every day for the last few weeks.

'Good morning sir.' said the marine Sargent behind the desk
'Good morning. Any messages?'
'Yes sir. C would like to see you before you talk to the prisoner again. He's in his office.'
'Thank you.' and with that he took the stairs to C's office.

'Go straight in sir, he's expecting you.' said the army captain who was seated in the outer office
'Thank you.'
Major General Sir Stewart Graham Menzies sat behind a large desk. 'Whisky?'
'No thank you sir, a bit early for me.'
'Nonsense. It's my private stock, laid down by my grandfather. Aged for twenty four years. You can't say no to that can you.'
'A small one then sir.'
C handed Fleming a very large glass of malt.
'He's ready to talk you know. But only to you.'
'About time, I would have thought he would have wanted to after a day or so. Do you want be to see him now sir?'
'No, no. Lets leave him for a few more hours.'

Fleming looked though the small spy hole drilled in to the cell wall. The man within looked like death warmed up. Naked unshaven, dirty, unclean in the worse possible way and above all weak in spirit as well as body.
'Get him out of there and clean him up.'
'Yes sir.' The corporal didn't look to pleased at the order, Fleming didn't blame him, he wouldn't have wanted to do it. 'feed him as well sir?'
'No wait, just clean him up, and give him some tea, or coffee.'
'Yes sir, and then sir?'
'Bring him to my office and don't forget to dress him.'

An hour later John Cairncross was slumped in an armchair in Fleming's office.
'What do you think of our methods?' asked the commander 'Got the idea from your Russian friends. Very nice friends if you ask me. Left you to hang out and dry didn't they?'
'What do you mean by that?'
'Which part the methods?'
Cairncross just nodded.

'Keeping the light on for twenty fours hours? Leaving you naked? No bed?'
Again just a nod.

'At least we did leave you a pot to piss in, that was nice of us wasn't it. Now the quicker you tell me what I want to know the quicker you can have something to eat. That's fair isn't it.'
He started to talk.

'Do you believe him?' asked C
'Yes I do sir. It's not as much as I would have hoped for, a couple of names, one of which we knew already. He wasn't within the inner circle as far as I can tell, but if he was we'll never get him to admit it. The new name was a bit of a surprise.'

The two continued to talk for another half hour. It was decided that the commander would go to Cambridge, just to keep an eye out. See if he could find the three of four other men that he was sure were there, of at least had been.

As Fleming leaving he asked C one last question 'Any idea what we do with him now sir?'

'I haven't thought that far ahead. He's helped us. Took a bit of time but he has. Might keep him from the hangman's noose.'

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