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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Part Three My Name is of No Importance

We had just got back from deep inside the Ukraine. Our mission had been very secret. We had tested the jamming capabilities of the American electronics that had been provided for us to install in our Lend Lease B25J bombers. For the first time we flew the jamming device turned on and it worked! They shot actual shells at us. 3.7” British made shells with the magic VT Proximity fuse attached. Needless to say before the first test we were very nervous despite the assurances of the scientists in their white coats and even after a speech by Novikov himself we were very skeptical to say the least. It worked, it really worked.

The magic shells were actually worse than a regular 3.7” shell because the jammer send out a signal that made them detonate far below us…a full thousand feet below us. It was very funny to see the crew jeer and shout insults at the gunners below. Now the strange semi dome formations made sense. Now the emphasis on the other planes staying as close as possible to us became clear. Now we knew our true mission. Now we were heartened at the prospects of our survival and the bombers that surrounded us. The months of practice would soon be demonstrated for all to see. Not for some parade but for a practical reason, a very lifesaving reason.

We were cautioned that we would have a very limited opportunity to use our jammers to their greatest extent. The RAF was sure to change their tactics and even the use of conventional fuses would spell the doom of many of our comrades. The first week of the Battle would be critical and the focus of our efforts were to be the 3.7” heavy AA guns and their crews. These guns were the only ones who could stop the first waves of TU2s Bats from completing their mission. We were to ignore enemy fighters or bombers and concentrate on finding and drawing out into combat the heavy AA guns that used the VT proximity fuse. These were our enemy and we had to make them show their positions so the IL10 Beasts and other forms of ground attack units could destroy them.

Only the heavy AA guns were radar controlled and could see in the night and clouds. Only the 3.7 AA ammo was equipped with the VT proximity fuse. Our mission was to draw them out to make them give up their positions to the waves of explosives and fire that would seek them out. Death from above meted out by our ground attack brothers and sisters to those who would end our existence.

The initial waves of Tu2S Bats that would be surrounding us had their own mission, but I will let them tell their story for themselves.

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