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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Phony War

Well it seems it’s back to the old phony war like after the blitzkrieg through Poland in 39. This time however both Germany and France were occupied. So far it was a different kind of occupation from what the Germans went through. Some French embraced their, would be, liberators from the bonds of capitalism. All took a wait and see attitude. The Résistance had many dedicated communists in it’s ranks and they were now the Mayors and police chiefs of the towns they lived in. They have been placed in many positions of power in the national government. It would take time for any kind of dissension to take hold in France. The French have had enough of war. They will wait and see what the future of their newly minted socialistic government brings. The war profiteers were starting to get nervous as the communist version of the Milice started to ask questions and poke around in their business papers.

It was a full week since the raids on the British Maintenance Units and bone yards. The fires had finally stopped and the RAF was madder than a wet hen. They mounted a few raids of their own which did not produce great results. Like the Germans in the Battle of Britain they had no assets on the ground to speak of in France. Most of the trained spies were communist sympathizers and the new amateurs were not up to the task yet. Basically the Resistance had to start from scratch and this meant that the high flying reconnaissance planes could see only so much. These are the same planes that failed to discover the buildup before the Battle of the Bulge.

The Soviets would send up a few Wasserfal missiles that would cause the high flying recon planes have to change course and interrupt their shot tracks and their images. Even a Spitfire has to turn slow and easy at over 40,000 feet and a number of Spits and Mosquito recon planes panicked and turn a little too fast and stalled spinning tens of thousands of feet before they gained control and some never did. Dropping 10,000 feet in a flat spin makes you pretty vulnerable to a high flying Yak 9PD and a number where shot down that way. All in all the raids and their effects were not very fruitful and every British plane shot down over France was on more lost for the upcoming battle over Britain. For the damage done it was not a good exchange and the RAF leadership realized this after about two weeks.

So here we are. The Sitzkrieg once more. The calm before the storm. The spasm before the bile rises. Rises from the gut and up the throat to full regurgitation.

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