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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tape Recordings from Great Britain #23

Believed to be produced near the end of September in 1946 in the north of Britain.

The reel to reel tap hisses as you listen to the playback. The voices sound like they are coming from the bottom of a well. There is a slight echo in the room used for the interview. There are over a hundred of these interviews still surviving. The identity of the interviewer has not been accurately determined as yet.

Thank you for speaking with us Mr. Mudd.
Well you asked me too didn't yeah.
Let’s get to it then…
Where you involved in the fighting this month?
Why of course I was. Why are we doing this taping if I wasn't?
What was the closest you came to dying during the third war?
Come-on now Brian you know very well where it was. You were there too.
This is supposed to be like an interview Bob. You have to pretend you don’t know me…
Oh alright then…I was driving a lorry with you…er my mate Brian. We had planned to make two runs that day to Coventry carrying petrol in the lorry, one during the day and one during the night. We figured the Reds had run their course and after taking out the near-by airfields they wouldn’t be roaming around anymore. Then we heard it.
What was that you heard?
One of them twin engine jobs. The ones that should have been shot out of the sky and not roaming around free as you please. We had just stopped and lit up a fag away from the truck. You don’t want to be smoking in a petrol lorry you see. Anyway we heard it pretty far off. You get to know the sound of your enemy pretty quickly. I was going to get back to the lorry and move it under some trees when the bastard spotted us and bore right in without a care in the world. He didn’t even use the rockets he had under his wings he just casually shot the lorry to pieces and lite it on fire. A couple of explosions later and “Bob’s your uncle” the lorry was gone along with our means of employment.
Were you hurt?
Not at all and neither was you. I mean… no we had gotten away from the petrol when we saw him lining up on us and dove for cover. He wasn’t interested in us…just the petrol and he got it all. I guess this is how the Jerrys must have felt near the end when they didn’t have any more planes to protect them and the Yanks and our boys just roamed free shooting up anything that was moving during the day. I guess what that tells us is that we are in a similar situation after a month of these attacks. Imagine they have enough planes to roam around even in areas that they have already shot up. Enough planes to just go where you will and shoot up anything on the ground worth the bullets. Now I know how the Germans felt near the end.
And how was that.
They must have felt kind of hopeless. Kind of like it’s getting near time to quit and end this. That we’re defenseless…utterly defenseless.
Is that how you feel?
Turn it off now will yeah Brian. I’m done talking for now.
Sure thing Bob…sure thing.

The recording is stopped.

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