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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Take Back the Night

"Come in Vershinin and tell us about how the plans for the night over Britain went. Are we ready to take the night away from the RAF?"
"I believe so comrade. We launched a raid tonight with 97 Pe-3 Biz complete with X4 Nightmare missiles. These missiles have a failsafe mechanism that has been thoroughly tested and we will lose about 24% due to this conservative method but they will not fall into enemy hands. We have a triple redundancy method of destruction in each missile with the fourth being the ground."
"Tell me Konstantine does Sergo know about the Nightmare being used over Great Britain?"
"You know as well as I do sir that he does not. Nor has Beria thought fit to tell him. Sergo knows only what Beria wants him to know."
"I thought as much."

"To continue then. Normally the X4 Nightmare Missile would not be effective during the day against the Mosquito night fighters. They would just maneuver out of harm's way. The X4 is not very maneuverable compared to a single medium bomber. Night fighters do not have this luxury. They have to make slow calculated maneuvers for the most part while searching for their prey. True when they see an X4 streaking right at them they will and can evade the missiles. That however will give our more conventional night fighters some indication of where they are and will certainly take the limey pilot out of the fight for a good portion of time first trying to evade the missile and then trying to get back into position to attack only to be chased away by another missile.

We do not anticipate many kills but this is more of an exercise in psychological warfare designed to shake the Limey's confidence in their electronics and their night fighter corps. Each Pe-3 Biz will have 6 missiles two facing forward and four backward."

"Backward you say."
"Yes Comrade. All night fighters approach from the rear. So why not have the seeking end of the missile facing the threat. It will also come as quite a surprise to the attacking night fighter to have a missile launched in his face and streak directly towards him.

They will fly alone and unescorted and will have certain territories looking for targets of opportunity using their rather primitive radar. If a RAF Night fighter shows up and is within 2 km the missiles themselves will alert the crew to launch. The missile is self guided and will continue to track the target until it is forced to make violent maneuvers or it will be shot down. The missile itself will identify the target and the direction of the RAF night fighter will be obvious from the direction of the missile. The Pe-3 will engage if possible if not it will continue its mission waiting for the next attack.

Again I want to emphasis that this is a ploy to unnerve the English and their allies. At this time it will not make a large difference in the battles outcome. Most of the missions will be over the channel. We expect the over confident night fighters of the RAF to be drooling in anticipation of an easy kill as these antiquated Pe 3 Biz with their old easily spoofed radar suddenly appear.
Many of the pilots by the way are the former Night Witches who are looking for some revenge."

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