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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Novikov Reflects

Marshal Novikov looked over the roster of squadrons and pilot training units. Quite impressive and for once he was glad that Sergo had the ear of Stalin. It certainly made his life and career much better. No longer was the VVS the step child of the Red Army. Sergo had convinced Stalin  to start concentrating on pilots and the production of defensive weapons systems such as the Wasserfall, X4 missile and the new jets, as soon as the resources were available. Even the Tu2 was seen as a protective weapon when it was tasked with keeping the RAF bombers from reaching the Motherland by destroying their means of landing and taking off. Concentrating on the anti-air defenses first, caught the Limeys by complete surprise and who would have thought that an old-fashioned smoke screen could be their downfall. Well, that and the sabotage of the VT or proximity fuse.

The VVS training program now rivaled the US training program in size and scope. With the extra six months of peace time and the knowledge of what was to come and how to capitalize on the known tactics of the RAF and USAAF it had been a rather "Happy Time" to use a German phrase from their Kriegsmarine. Things went their way so far. Shooting down their first attempt at using the most heinous weapon ever invented, the atomic bomb, was a master stroke, and he had to give Beria his due on that operation.  A brilliant piece of spy craft  as had all the major attempts both the RAF and Yanks had tried to mount. Beria was uncanny in his use of his spy network in gaining the needed knowledge to thwart every attempt of any size up this juncture.

It could not last forever, and soon he was sure they would have to rely on the skills of both the Soviet design bureaus, Sergo's factory workers and his pilot training schools. They could not rely on tricks and being able to look into a crystal ball forever to stay ahead of the cursed Americans. They seemed to constantly find a way and this time it was up to him to stop them wherever they dared to strike at the motherland. That new high tailed jet that MiG was working on will come as a surprise, I'm sure. Those American jet engines they captured almost three months ago, and the lessons learned were already finding their way into the design bureaus work. By spring, he will be able to give his newly trained and veteran pilots the means to truly defend the industrial heartland of the Soviet Union from all airborne attacks. He will no longer have to rely on Beria's tricks and Sergo's secret missiles. It will be the Soviet worker and pilot against the Western pigs and their best. He was supremely confident in his vision for pilot training. How could it fail...he copied the American and British model?

10s of thousands of flyers were going to be ready by the Spring, men who would have been used as cannon fodder by Zhukov. Men who would have been driving and dying in tanks and using their bodies to form human ramps over barbwire are now being trained to fly and fight in beautifully designed machines, machines designed to shoot down the American B29. Yes, they just had to make it through the winter and into the Spring, and then they could stand toe to toe with the capitalist pigs and their air forces. New sources of aluminum ore and oil were being discovered every day. Now they only needed the time to exploit and mine their new-found riches, riches that rivaled the Americans. The greedy Amerikosi had just happened to start their mining first, but we were catching up. We had the added advantage of not having to waste time on the wants of the bourgeois, but can concentrate on the needs of the state instead. We would catch up fast.

Quite frankly, he was surprised that Stalin had attacked when he did. He had a feeling that the pock-marked butcher was not feeling so well...or so invincible and saw the end coming. He could not stay up and drink like he used to and missed many days of work with the Ruling Circle having to take over the day to day operations. He didn't even seem to take pleasure in the once almost nightly movie viewing sessions. Thank goodness we only had one last month.

The British were on their last legs, and Zhukov is just about to break out into the plains of Spain. His ultimate goal will be to rid the continent of the last resistance of capitalism and to capture Gibraltar. Then a thrust through Turkey and into Egypt and the Mediterranean is a Soviet lake like the Baltic and Black Sea.

But where are the Americans? Yes, a few squadrons of USAAF jets were in Britain but not in the numbers expected by any means. It wouldn't have mattered with the strategy they had devised but the first few days might have been filled with much heavier losses, but the end would have been the same. The Americans could not take the losses that the Brits, and we could sustain. 10% losses and they stop fighting. A far cry from what we are used too and the Germans as well. Their public is horrified at seeing bodies coming home where as ours understand the noble cause that is being fought over. Their consumerism has made them fat, dumb and too complacent. That will end soon.

I wonder how the British people would react to a 2000 plane raid that just flew over London and did not drop any bombs only leaflets? That would be quite an impressive sight. And he could do it. He could mount such a raid and still keep the pressure up everywhere a nest of anti-aircraft guns tried to shoot his brave pilots down. A hail of bullets, rockets or napalm was all it took to destroy them now. Now he knew how the Germans had felt near the end. Losing control of your skies is a terrible thing in modern warfare.

The only problem in the future was the location of the American super heavy bombers. He had been truly filled with fear when Beria had confided in him his concerns for the Transcaucasia Front. When Beria had contacted him about the clandestine meeting, he feared that he was plotting against Stalin. Would it be a trick or would he be serious, and if he answered wrong would he be tied to one of Beria's chairs for the short time he had left on earth screaming in pain? When they finally met he was almost relieved when Beria expressed his real concerns. What the hell did he mean when he said his "assets had been compromised" in North Africa? If he lost his agents why didn't he say so. Bureaucratic double talk from the master.

The window of vulnerability will be short, only three weeks, but it will be critical. He was moving heaven and earth to shift his units to cover the vital oil fields north of the Black sea and Caucasus Mountain range. Luckily, the new Borscht units were headed there anyway even before the realizations that the back door was wide open. Those improved versions of the German He 162 would suffice until the modern jet MiG was ready. The Borscht was cheap and fast to make and easy to fly. Not the kind of plane you could use for the offense but the perfect point defense weapon. Combined with the Stalin's Fire missile, the renamed Wasserfall, they could put a stop to any raids until the full force of the VVS got into position. The soft Amerikosi cannot endure real losses and will halt any bombing campaign with what they will deem unacceptable losses. In the past that had meant anything more than 15%. He had units of Sturmoviks keep flying after 80% losses, and the pilots volunteered for the next mission and almost certain death. No, the Americans knew nothing of real sacrifice, and will wither if  they incur truly heavy losses, and will tuck their tails once again if they even dare but first we have to not even give them an opportunity. He will have to check on a few of his commanders and possibly create a few widows if things are going too slow. He would take a good long examination of the Fourth Air Army's commander Vershinin and his efforts. He did not like the way he look at him the last time they met. A kind of a smirk or unwarranted grin had passed between them. He couldn't exactly put his finger on it, but he could put more than his finger on Vershinsin.

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