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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Not His Type

Not His Type

“Remember Fenwick, this report goes to the White House and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and I don’t want any typographical errors, UNDERSTAND!”
“Of course Sargent, when have I ever let you down, Sir.”
“Stop calling me Sir FENWICK or I’ll bust you so fast it will make your head swim. Stop talking and even listening and get back to typing..NOW!”
“sir” under his breath.

All righty then, what magnum opus have we got here from the spooks. Scary guys, luckily I’m just a clerk typist and will stay under their radar unless I screw up too badly and then all they’ll do is take away my typewriter and put a gun in my hand.

Let’s see, all caps, double space for starters, three carbons and we’re off…let’s see if I can read his notes. Who would have thought that he could take short hand?”

I. Pyrenees: The line is steady state. The 70% reduction of the fuel supplies caused by the attack of SAC has caused the Red Army to dig in. They are conserving fuel and massive transfers of tanks and trucks have been observed. See attached.
a. The air war over the Pyrenees Line continues to be a stalemate. The VVS has ceased its air assault over the British Isles and has transferred a number of squadrons to this front thus keeping pressure on our forces.
b. Neither side seems to be able to make any real advances although the Soviet forces are within 15 miles from breaking out of the mountainous terrain that has kept them in check up till now. It is estimated that a full breakout would have occurred within 2 weeks if the offensive had not stopped due to lack of fuel.
c. The line is currently being held by a combination of NATO Divisions with most countries represented.
d. British forces - 18 divisions
e. Spanish forces - 15 divisions
f. French forces - 2 divisions
g. US forces - 2 divisions
h. German expatriate forces - 1 division
i. Combined Italian, Greek and a combination of Balkan expatriate forces - 1 division
j. Currently only the US, GB, French and German forces are able to mount
k. Any kind of offensive action but no plans have been offered to start a general advance against the dug in forces of the Soviet Union.

II. British Empire
a. The VVS has stopped offensive action over the British Isles
b. The Red Air Force continues to defend vigorously the airspace over Germany and France
c. This front appears to have been put on reserve status as well by the Stavka.
d. The RAF is slowly gaining strength and the ability to once again defend itself with the influx of USAAF late war model fighters and 6 squadrons of P80 Shooting Stars. It has been decided to use USAAF equipment in the short term rather than concentrate on re-tooling their industrial base to once again produce war material and supplies.
e. India is in full, yet peaceful revolt.
f. Transjordan gains independence in exchange for military bases
g. Java is in violent revolt.
h. Hong Kong remains stable
i. Palestine is in revolt
j. Nigeria, Gambia and the Gold Coast have re-written their constitutions and are heading towards independence
k. Food is being rationed but plentiful
i. More of a financial measure than shortages
l. A bill to loan them 1.5 billion dollars is being held up in the Senate

III. Scandinavia
a. Norway, Sweden and Finland are being controlled from the cities by puppet governments propped up by Soviet troops. The smaller cities and villages are virtually free of communist influence. An uneasy truce is in place after a large number of assassinations and retaliations. A number of hangings and atrocities by both sides have brought an uneasy truce as the long winter starts.
b. Denmark is under very tight Soviet control. The area controlling access to the Baltic is being heavily fortified on both the Swedish and Denmark coasts.
c. Reports indicate that the Baltic itself is rather uncontrolled with relative freedom of movement being allowed between all ports.

IV. Germany
a. Very little is known of conditions in Germany. A puppet government has been created and appears to be in total control with behind the scenes support of the Red Army and NKGD.

V. France
a. The French Communist Party is in full control and is comprise of former resistance fighters. The majorities of the Soviet forces are in well defended bases and rarely venture out in the countryside.
b. At the moment there is no organized resistance to the puppet French communist government.

VI. The Low Countries
a. All countries are tightly controlled by the NKGD and Soviet forces along the coastlines. 
b. A number of attacks by resistance groups have been violently crushed and retaliations have been rampant. 
c. Soviet troops and security forces are numerous throughout the area and patrol with regularity.
d. Our Intelligence Agents sent into the area have been unsuccessful to say the least with 75% going silent within weeks. Highly place moles are suspected in the collective NATO structures.

VII. Turkey
a. Turkey has unofficially joined NATO and has allowed 12 large air bases to be developed.
b. Their armed forces are in fair condition and are in the process of expanding and strengthening their defensive positions along the Dardanelles and Bosporus on their western front. 
c. Of major concern is the lack of depth of these defenses. In addition the Turkish government started major construction on these defensive works in critical areas as late as September 13th.
d. The far northeast border is very porous and defended lightly. 10 divisions from their border with Syria being transferred less than a week ago to this front. Total forces reported on the border are 17 divisions.
e. Supplies to Turkey have been hampered by a large increase in submarine activity in the area of Tobruk and Sicily. A delay of 30 days has been experienced due to the rerouting of a large number of convoys to the Suez Canal. Much of the supplies were destined for Turkey but were diverted to SAC instead.
f. The airbases in the Adana area are ready to receive the units of the 15th Air Force. The advanced teams are in position and hard at work finalizing the facilities.
g. General LeRoche conducted a 1 month tour of Turkish territory and estimated that if attacked in force, the eastern border would hold for 20 days while the Northeast border with the USSR would be breached in 3 days. He strongly recommended that this border be strengthened immediately with NATO troops if necessary. The Turkish government is expected to respond to his report next week and will hopefully acquiesce to additional NATO troops being deployed in their territory.

VIII. Japan
a. Defense forces continue to be trained
b. 75% of the forces on mainland China, Korea, Burma, Malaya, Bruni, Dutch East Indies, British East Indies, North Borneo and Guam have been transported back to Japan proper and integrated into the defense forces.

IX. Manchuria
a. Soviet occupied
X. China
a. Full-fledged civil war with fluid and chaotic conditions.
b. Numerous Japanese units caught in the fighting after fleeing the Soviet forces in Manchuria.

a. Estimated at full war footing
b. 70% of oil production non-functional
c. Estimated 5% increase per month despite current bombing campaign
d. 185 divisions currently in the field
i. 50 in Western Europe
ii. 30 on the Pyrenees Line
iii. 2 in Italy
iv. 2 in Greece
v. 10 spread out internally in Eastern Europe
vi. 10 on the eastern border of Turkey with 30 more enroute
vii. 35 on the Northeastern border of Turkey
viii. 15 in Scandinavia
ix. 10 internal Russia and Ukraine
x. 21 in Manchuria
e. VVS units
i. See Attached

XII. Yugoslavia
a. 7 division in Greece
b. 8 divisions in Italy
c. 4 internal

XIII. Eastern European nations
a. 35 divisions internally

XIV. United States
a. See attachment

Damn it I’ll be typing all day. Where the hell is the attach shit...Oh crap you’re kidding. Holy shit this is ridiculous. There must be 30 pages of double column figures. Oh man...

Actually the typist underestimated the number of pages. It was more than 120 pages all together and he was soon joined by others.


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