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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Book Two Timeline

Timeline for Book 2 – The Red Sky – The Second Battle of Britain

Once again a few brave men would be asked to do the impossible over the skies of Great Britain. This time the enemy was not lead by a buffoon in the form of Herman Goring. The Red Air Force VVS was led by a master of strategy in the form of one Alexander Alexandrovich Novikov, the man who ruled the skies over Mother Russia, Manchuria, East Germany and now most of Europe.

Sept. 1946 - Throughout the month of September the Soviet VVS feints and simulated massive air attacks on the Isles of Great Britain.

Sept. 1st, 1946 - The US Strategic Air Command or SAC, is created with Curtis LeMay named Commander.

Sept. 15th, 1946 - From two different direction massive air raids consisting of 2056 Tu2s, Lag 7s, Yak 9DDs approach the southern and northeast coast of the British Isles. The RAF is unsure of the Soviet targets. The targets are the “bone yards” and maintenance facilities of the British. The unexpected choice of targets and the effectiveness of the raids leave the RAF with very few serviceable fighter aircraft and few repair facilities.

Sept. 14th, 1946 - Scandinavia falls to a massive airborne assault.

Sept. 25th - The Second Battle of Britain begins. The VVS suffers from none of the constraints that the Luftwaffe encountered.

1. Using external drop tanks, the VVS planes have the range to hit every target in the British Isles.

2. They outnumber the RAF by five to one.

3. The RAF has very few replacement aircraft.

4. The Soviet spy network is in full play. There is no lack of intelligence on the exact location of targets and the effects of their previous raids on those targets.

5. The Soviets have used captured US jammers to spoof the vaunted “proximity or VT fuse”. During the first critical raids the RAF airbases are virtually defenseless.

The effects are almost immediate with the RAF on the losing end of the battle.

Within weeks the VVS is roaming freely over the British Isles and ravaging the transportation systems and storage depots of the RAF. Britain is virtually defenseless from air attack.

Sept. 30th, 1946 - The Soviets publish, in Pravda, an article and picture of what appears to be an intact atomic bomb from the Leningrad raid. The crew and the Silverplate B-29 appear to be in the background. The inference is that the crew and bomb have defected to the Communist cause.

Oct. 2nd - Four atomic bombs are dropped on the oil production facilities of the USSR. The B-29s were based in Egypt with their fighter escorts flying from bases in Turkey. These four bombs are the last of the atomic bombs in existence.

Oct. 18th, 1946 - William Perl, Joel Barr and Alfred Sarant have all defected to the USSR and bring with them unimaginable intelligence on American and British weapons systems.

Oct. 22nd, 1946 - The fast response by the VVS and the addition of the Stalin’s Fire SAMs start to deplete the B-29s of SAC.

The Soviets attention is diverted, and the Second Battle of Britain and the Battle for Iberia are severely curtailed. Stalin and the Stavka prepare for an invasion of Turkey, Iraq, the oil fields of Kuwait and the Levant. Their ultimate goal is to capture Egypt and Gibraltar.

***Spoiler Alert ***

Timeline for World War Three 1946

Book One - The Red Tide - Stalin Strikes First

May 2nd, 1895 - Sergo Peshkova is born

Aug 3rd, 1943 - Sergo attends a party where he meets Stalin and their unusual relationship begins

Aug 13th, 1943 - Sergo becomes an advisor to Joseph Stalin specializing in aerospace

Nov 24th, 1943 - Sergo is given full control of Soviet aerospace research and development.

Jan 4th, 1944 - Research on the German Wasserfal Ground to Air missile and the X4 air to air missile becomes a top priority under Sergo’s leadership using stolen materials from Peenemunde

Aug 1944 - Three USAAF Superfortress B-29 bombers fall into the possession of the USSR

Dec, 18, 1945 - 17 of the 22 members of an elite atomic bomb assembly team are killed in a series of seemingly accidental events during the holidays. 15 die in a bus crash. These deaths delay the American Atomic Weapons program for 6 months

May 1st, 1946 - May Day Parade in Berlin and Moscow

May 2nd, 1946 - World War Three begins with a surprise attack by the Red Army consisting of 60 divisions and over 7,000 combat aircraft.

May 11th - NATO is formed.

May 13th, 1946 - The surprise attack is a complete success with 13 out of 22 US, British and French divisions overrun.

July 3rd, 1946 - Denmark surrenders to the forces of the USSR.

July 13th, 1946 - France surrenders to the USSR.

July 13th, 1946 - The Soviet Agent known as Delmar (George Koval) assassinates hundreds of American nuclear scientists using the world’s most deadly substance, Polonium, at conferences in Oak Ridge, TN and Dayton, OH. This cripples the US nuclear program for another 12 months and possibly forever.

July 27th, 1946 - USAAF attempt to drop an atomic bomb on Leningrad. The NKVD and its stable of spies is instrumental in warning the Soviet Red Air Force VVS. With a combination of the new Wasserfal Ground to Air guided Missile and hundreds of fighters the raid is decimated and an atomic bomb is lost in the Baltic Sea.

July 28th, 1946 - The Red Army is stopped temporarily on the Pyrenees Line by a combination of US and Spanish divisions using the rugged terrain of this mountain range located on the border of France and Spain.

Aug 2nd, 1946 - Italy is abandoned by the NATO Allies and all forces are pulled back to Sardinia.

Aug, 15th, 1946 - The Soviet VVS demonstrates its newest aircraft by flying at great heights over the entire British Isles in an attempt to intimidate the British people. This demonstration proves that the entire British Isles can be attack from the air unlike the First Battle of Britain where the Luftwaffe was severely limited in range.

August 17th, 1946 - The Strategic Air Command is formed with Curtis LeMay named as commander.

August 20th, 1946 - The Soviet VVS continues a massive buildup of the Red Air Force on the Channel coast. It appears that a Second Battle of Britain is about to be fought.