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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Confront and Convince

Skinner was late for his next class. The grad student who was to run the class and experiments fell ill. He decided at the last minute to teach it himself. He usually had a quite standard routine for his days and teaching this class took him out of his way. He was going a different route than he usually took between buildings due to the change in his schedule. He noticed a nice young man being escorted by two security guards, making their way towards the front entrance to the quad.  

The young man suddenly appeared to recognize him and started to shout his name. This made Dr. Skinner quicken his pace. He wanted nothing to do with and young man who was under custody by campus security. He was almost out of ear shot when he heard something he hadn’t heard in years. The boy was shouting it at the top of his lungs. 

“PROJECT PIGEON!” over and over again. He stopped in his tracks and called to the security detail to wait. The boy wanted to blurt out all sorts of things he was told was top secret information the last time the doctor had spoken to his military liaison. He convinced the guards to let him interview the boy in private in the security office. 

When they were along the boy produced a copy of his Top Secret report on Project Pigeon. He was very upset to say the least and asked many questions until he was convinced that the boy just wanted to deliver the file to him and to listen to what his uncle speculated. 

The boy’s name was Jim Crenshaw and his uncle was the one who had the file. The uncle worked for the Pentagon and had top secret clearance. It still unnerved Skinner that a copy of his files would fall into the hands of a sixteen year old boy. 

The tale the boy told was one of utmost admiration for his newly departed uncle who’s dying message was “Skinner”. When the boy looked through his uncle’s things he found the file and put two and two together to get five, it seemed to Skinner at first. He then left his home and family and drove over a thousand miles on a motorcycle to deliver his uncles dying message and the files. 

The boy was named Jim Crenshaw and Skinner could not just turn the boy away after all he had done to fulfil his uncle’s dying wish so he convinced the security men to release Jim into his custody. He then brought him home completely forgetting his class and the following faculty meeting later that afternoon.

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