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Book One World War Three 1946

Book One World War Three 1946
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Monday, July 15, 2019

The Skinny

1 December 1946
0724 hrs
US Army Headquarters
Mediterranean Theater of Operations
Cairo, Egypt

General Patrick said “Give me the skinny, Frank.”

“Yes, sir. The Soviets have crossed the Turkish Straights and have moved through Istanbul. They are now on a line extending from Izmit to Ferizli, where they are meeting some renewed resistance. Also, they have crossed the Bosporus and are moving on Balikesir from two directions. They should be there around the 15th. The Turkish forces are putting up a good fight and showing some real skill. But, they lack the equipment and supplies to stop the Soviets.“

“So, all in all, it’s looking like the Turks are right on schedule and things are going well.”

“That about sums it up, Sir, from our standpoint, although I doubt the Turks would agree.”

“Yes…I fear this will go down with the killings of the Armenians the, if historians ever find out how we did not support the Turks properly and basically let the Soviets overrun them. The critics would never understand that it was part of a greater plan to draw the Reds away from their homeland and supplies, and use up more and more fuel. It will be very hard to tell families that have seen their women raped, their homes destroyed and family members killed that they were sacrificed to win the war.”

“I certainly would not like to be sitting next to a Turk wearing a knife when, and if, they ever find out what we have done. The only saving grace will be that the Soviets should be there only a short time, and if all goes according to plan annihilated soon enough. But first the pain, before we close the trap. The Turks are the bait, or I should say the air force bases are the bait. Even the Air Force does not know that they are being used to lure in the Reds. The fly boys will be pissed as well when they find that out. Those missions never stood a chance of being completed once the Soviets had set up properly. The historians just won’t understand and don’t realize that the manned bomber is not the answer anymore. “

“It does seem like a rotten thing to do, sir, but if it is key to winning this war against the godless communists then he will understand.”

“Who will understand?”

“Why the Lord, sir!”

“Oh yeah … the lord.”

“Shall we drop on one knee and pray for those poor families, sir?”

“No, they aren’t Christian, Frank. So, praying would do no good.”

On to more practical matters Frank. Have we heard from more of the Advisor Teams? It has been 3 weeks now.”

“Team Four made it to the French lines in Syria. There is strong evidence that they had been moving towards the border since the day they got off the plane in Ankara. They apparently never had any intention of completing their mission, but that will all be sorted out when they report to US authorities. I recommend they be charged with desertion.”

The rumors are that the day they visited the front lines near… ah… Frank reaches for some papers and finally comes up with one and has to put on some glasses to read. “Canakkale … that’s the place. They were supposed to meet with their Turkish liaison and get to work, but they never showed up according to the Turks. Then, we got periodic reports of them moving towards Syria. I mean I know these guys were fuck ups, but to not even report is absurd and a clear violation of...”

“Can it, Frank. There will be no charges brought and no investigation. Can you imagine what would be revealed if a courts martial was convened? I can see the headlines now. ‘US Army orders US soldiers on a suicide mission and then arrest them when they survive’. Don’t get me wrong, Frank, I know as well as you do that these guys were real screw-ups…all 270 them but they are US Army and American citizens”.

The General continues, “We know they were sent there to show our support for the Turkish military and that we were going to great lengths to support them in their upcoming battle with the Soviet Union, etc., at least officially. But, you and I know that they were really sent to appease the Turks when we didn’t give them jack squat in real support. We grabbed a bunch of fuck-ups as you aptly described them, and sent them off to show the flag and probably get killed. How do you think that will play in the press?”

“But, Sir, you know as well as I do that the press will write and print whatever we ask.”

“I don’t know about this operation, Frank. This one might just come back to bite us in the ass. Now, I want you to do all you can to rescue those brave American fighting boys and get them home to their mothers. IS THAT CLEAR? Frank?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“All right, then. Now, on to the rest of the teams. Have we heard from anymore?”

“Surprisingly, we have, Team Six has regularly reported in and are fully integrated with their Turkish units. The men are actually doing quite well according to their CO.”

“Isn’t that the Team we sent all the way to butt-fuck Armenia?”

“That’s right, sir.”

“And, they're doing OK and obviously surviving… hummm. Get me that Cranston guy.”

“You mean the one poking around from the War Information Board. They’re a bunch of hacks, Sir.”

“Yeah, but they’re our hacks and he may be able to get me in touch with someone like that Cronkite guy.”

“With all due respect, sir, you’re shooting kind of high aren’t you, sir? Cronkite is a pretty big deal.”

“Yeah, well this is a pretty big deal as well. Plus, Cranston’s is here and is under my control. So, let’s use him while we can.”

“Yes, sir…”

Frank left the room and then the General went over to the mirror and thought, I need a shave and a trim. I’d better get a change of uniform as well. Sarah though my right side was my best. Now, how can I explain this fuck up of an Advisor program without getting in trouble…shit maybe I should call this off. Ah, what the hell.

He crosses over to the intercom and buzzes the corporal outside.

“Bring me my best uniform, corporal.”

Something is heard coming from the intercom, but is unintelligible.

“Yes, that’s right. Now snap to it! Oh, and get me that wiz kid barber that Philips always talks about. The one who used to work in Hollywood. Get him in here within the hour with his barber kit and ready to work.”

The intercom says something and the General walks back to his mirror and takes out his comb.


If you will recall, General Green was the commander of the 10th Armored Division. The Division was decimated by the General’s inept leadership near the beginning of the war.
He was tortured by Beria himself.[i]


[i] - The Red Tide – Chapter 12 – Death of a Division by Harry Kellogg III